Haldex spare parts


We are a contractual provider

Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative safety improvement solutions.

Sales of HALDEX spare parts for commercial vehicles and related services:

  • Authorised sales of HALDEX spare parts
  • Technical consultation for replacement of HALDEX spare parts
  • Technical consultation for repairs of damaged HALDEX spare parts
  • Replacement or repair of a defective part in our service facility or at the customer
  • Quick delivery of a new part
  • HALDEX training
  • Conducting reclamations for parts made by HALDEX

Spare parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer, guaranteeing their origin and the quality that forms the basis of the warranty. We are authorised dealers of spare parts made by HALDEX. We have large quantities of spare parts at our disposal. Should a part not be immediately in stock, we are capable of quickly restocking and delivering it to you. We place emphasis on quick delivery – we understand that time matters to you.